Anna Teuber & Marie Grønkær

Christoph van Veghel

Wie ben je en zou je de lezers van Fontanel uit kunnen leggen wat je afstudeerwerk inhoudt?

We are Marie from Denmark and Anna from Germany. We graduated from the Graphic Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie this summer. One part of our graduation work was an applied project where we together designed and realized the identity of the campaign for the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show 2014.

The design of the campaign was developed from the idea of ‘the stage as the total building.’ Since the stage of the Bauhaus Dessau was already described by Oscar Schlemmer as; “A spatial architectonic organism where different creative forces meet to form an intimate expressive unity.” the idea was adapted and transformed into the act/play of graduating.

Working with dramatic structures, gradually adding more tension building up towards the show – the process of designing the campaign aimed to follow and reflect upon the physical and mental ‘journey’ of a graduating student.
A Marquette carrying resemblances of the Gerrit Rietveld Building was made as a generator of visual material – a dynamic organism where forms were manipulated and new discoveries and surprising effects were revealed. A conversions and transfiguration of space through form, color, light and motion.

 Wat hoop je over een jaar te doen?

A genuine curiosity in the ‘unexplored’ drives us towards  approaching interdisciplinary fields, seeking to combine broad perspectives, research, knowledge, skills and different methods of working. The collaborative aspect in the development of the campaign turned out to be immensely rewarding. Therefore it seemed quite obvious to proceed with the collaboration, realizing projects together in the future.

– Hoe kijk je terug op je opleiding, uit welke momenten haalde jij de meeste voldoening?

The Graphic design program at the Rietveld offers a very distinct focus on developing the students’ personal approach towards a design practice. During our time at the academie we were encourage to follow our own path and focus on individual preferences always by means of critical reflection.
Being in a international environment surrounded by classmates with different cultural backgrounds and point of views, contributed to a very diverse and spectral approach, perusing more unconventional methods in defining a personal visual language.

Anna Teuber & Marie Gronkyaer

GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_01 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_02 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_03 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_04 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_05 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_06 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_07 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_08 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_09 GRA-GRA-2014-Groenkaer:Teuber_10 testje

 Supported by Adobe

We zijn erg blij dat Fontanel Finals 2014 gepresenteerd wordt in samenwerking met Adobe Nederland. Adobe speelt met zijn Creative Cloud in op future proof software voor de gehele creatieve industrie. De ideale partner voor Fontanel Finals 2014, dat voor de zevende keer een waardig podium biedt aan het grootste aanstormende creatieve talent van Nederland.