Giedre Lisauskaite

Christoph van Veghel

Wie ben je en zou je de lezers van Fontanel uit kunnen leggen wat je afstudeerwerk inhoudt?

My name is Giedre Lisauskaite, I graduated from the jewellery department of the Gerrit Rieveld Academy. My graduation project consisted of series of works under the title “iThings” This word itself was an important aspect of the process:

“i”- a small letter, the first person pronoun, an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning “arm”, phonologically [ai] could refer to the “eye”.

“Thing”- capital letter starts the sentence, signifies aname, a title or a higher degree,honorable, personification. Not organic physical matter, expression of a singular abstract thing, idea in general. Pronunciation leads to the verb “think”.

The whole project is about the concurrence or rather inescapable relations between man and object, about its hierarchy. I wanted to elevate the objects and especially the ones we even don’t think about – the ones which are always there as our servants, like toilet paper. It gives yousatisfaction only because of one very functional reason. Another example – tape is always a tape which could be of a different color or material, but finally we just tape with it something together with another thing.

In the beginning, I was considering to base my thesis on the behavior of visually impaired people in relation to their surroundings. But eventually it became clear that we are blind enough even when having a perfect eye vision. I created methods of seduction rather than objects. My intention is to make people aware of possible power inhabited in the objects, to disturb the laziness, to be open to accept and participate in a creative action of “being in the world” from a very basic impulse. Basic is always forgotten. I wonder if this text sounds as an angry person’s voice?

My objects are not what’s considered to be jewellery, but the approach is. I was conscious of it while making the objects and it contains most of central ideas, both positive and negative. My project is about shifting and replacing authorities, about illusion and distrust to surfaces.

Wat hoop je over een jaar te doen?

I want to play with the concept of jewellery thought, as it can be such a rich source for any kind of artistic expression. At the moment I am busy with doing research on missing sculptures and park architecture and developing the ideas of how jewellery can appear somewhere else besides the human body. Some of these ideas are locally-grounded and hopefully will be realized in Amsterdam, others are reaching to other cities and countries.

Hoe kijk je terug op je opleiding, uit welke momenten haalde jij de meeste voldoening?

I think the final year was quite different from my previous experience in Rietveld. Before I used to invent and make my own materials, but in the course of the last year I guess I learned to SEE things which already exist and became more critical about it. I guess it was an important self-discovery, influenced and supported by teachers, and I am grateful for that.

— Giedre Lisauskaite

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