Martina Lasinger

Christoph van Veghel

Wie ben je en zou je de lezers van Fontanel uit kunnen leggen wat je afstudeerwerk inhoudt?

My name is Martina Lasinger and I graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven this summer.

A solid structure of flowing lines

I started sketching and then literally weaving with wood, making tiny sticks of beech wood flow like yarn on a loom. Numerous flowing lines create a bigger geometric pattern, which is completely self-supporting. There’s not a screw or drop of glue to be found in the transparent structure, which is yet stable enough to function as a private wardrobe or public display. ‘Wood Weavings’ play with light and perception; as you walk by the cabinet almost seems to vibrate through an intriguing moiré effect.

Wat hoop je over een jaar te doen?

If I would start the project every day new, I believe every day a new closet/form would appear.

In order to bring the project on a new scale I would like to investigate in the architectural possibilities. The first sketches/ models I made, showed character of ground floor plans. This technique has high potential in applying in space. I would like to investigate in the building properties of this technique; how to build walls, screens, pavilions and architecture from it, in order to define/un- define the boarders of scale of this craft.

–  How to make a sustainable production technique from it in order to make a line of furniture. I would like to investigate in several different shapes and scales.
–  A further investigation in the material “Bendywood”. Finding new applications for the material and a close collaboration with the company.
–  How to make a closer connection between design and space?
–  Building out my workspace/atelier and creating a company.

Hoe kijk je terug op je opleiding, uit welke momenten haalde jij de meeste voldoening?

My hands became the tools of my imagination.

I learned a way of designing for myself, while playing with materials and un-defining conventional ways of getting to an end product.

The education has initiated a motivated and inspiring way for me as a designer and creator. I see architecture, visual arts, design and philosophy as unity in order to create sustainable techniques and ways of thinking for the future. In my processes I work very close with the materials in order to understand them to their full possibility.

For me the education was the best training in order to become the designer I want to be. You are sort of landing in a pool of great minds, a school atmosphere where training becomes as well play and individual qualities get triggered and sharpened.

I reached a moment in my training where I could totally find my own handwriting. Even a plane piece of a wood was a playground for me…. I can see materials from a different side, through the learning process of getting to know machines and tools very well. In most of my design process I am making everything myself. 100 percent crafted and hand made.

A combination of the two training direction in DAE gave me the most satisfaction and personal development. A general design study was combined with a form and color study, where abstract thinking got very much trained. A training that appreciated personal interests and fascinations, in order to find each students handwriting and individual skills.

An open way of teaching that is represented and shown in the mentality of the students; where experimentation and research finds its common line.

Martina Lasinger

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